Star History

It doesn’t take much for someone to say they are a DJ these days. Grab an iPod full of jams, a nice stereo with loud speakers, and people claim they are a DJ.

But it does take a lot to be a true DJ, and particularly — a Go DJ. Enter one of their reigning champs DJ Star.

The 26-year-old is the current primetime disc jockey on 100.1 The Beat in Monroe, La. He champions the throwback mixes everyday and takes over on Mondays – Fridays at 6 p.m.

But the trail to success didn’t occur overnight. Star has been spinning since he was a young one.

“It started when I was smaller watching my big brother,” he said. “My pops had some turntables that my big brother used to mess with. I had an older cousin who was a popular DJ in Shreveport.  And the rest is history. I always had a love for music anyway.”

Star is a dedicated worker, having continued his production while battling a severe cold, hosting and working parties, being called on the job, and — the most important of them all — spending time with family and friends.

But through it all, he enjoys being a popular name in the area, despite the lack of privacy.

“The bigger your name is, the less privacy you have,” he said.  “It’s cool. But when I’m out with my son — if someone speaks, I’m going to speak — but don’t try to take all my time. I’m with the little one.”

The psychology major has had plenty of stories to tell, but he’s not a fan of every subject being about DJ’ing.

“Sometimes, I don’t want to talk about DJ’ing all the time. There’s more to me than that.”

And, of course, he has stories for days.

“I’ve seen some crazy stuff,” the German native reminisced. “Clubs have those long poles and pillars. I’ve seen someone climb to the top and slide down. I’ve also seen someone crowd-dive from the second floor. Everything is crazy.”

Yet, Star doesn’t mind. His goal is pleasing the crowd.

“I like being able to take someone away from their problems at the party,” he said. “Most people go to parties to get away from their problems.”

With all the hip-hop dominating the airwaves, it would appear that Star is largely a hip-hop fan. Right?

“I’m more of an R&B fan than rap fan,” he said. “I have no rap CDs in my car. The only one you may find is a Jay-Z CD. I enjoy rap, but I’m not the biggest fan. I’m more into R&B and old school.”

His love for old-school is evident on his Throwback Thursdays on 100.1 The Beat.

Star loves the music scene, and listens to new music all the time. But he can distinguish the difference between the old style of music and the new style.

“There’s a lot of talent coming back to the music industry,” he said.  “For a while, talent didn’t matter. If you have a catchy beat and hook, you had a record deal. They never lasted long.”

A lot of new artists are coming the way of social networking and video-sharing sites. Star sees this as both an advantage and a disadvantage.

“You don’t have to go way to New York to get a record deal,” he said.  “You can get a deal via e-mail, Twitter, and YouTube.

“It’s a lot of raw talent that don’t make the Internet. I feel like the record labels should still go out in different areas and look for themselves.  It’s a gift and a curse.”

While Star is one of the best in the nation at what he does, the skill isn’t easily duplicated.

“It ain’t easy,” he said.  “DJ’ing is tough. Being a music player isn’t.”