March Madness: First Friday Edition

March Madness First Friday Edition

This Friday, it’s going down at Sippers Sports Bar! It’s a b-day celebration for Tiesha Wilson, Lynn “Newie” Byrd, Chenoicie Warren, and Eastside Cleebo!

To get in, you must be 25 and up and dressed to impress! On the 1’s and 2’s is Go DJ Star and the hosts are Frank Geezy and BJ Bell!

Get there early and party hard. Keep the fights out the club! Security is strictly enforced!

All White All Night at the Clarion Dome

The All White All Night party is back again, going down at the Clarion Dome on September 1! Last year was off the chain, so you know it’ll be bigger and better this year!

Doors open at 9 p.m., and rooms are on sale at the Clarion Suites right now! To book a room, call the Clarion Suites at 318.387.5100.

B.J. Bell, Go DJ Star, Frank Geezy, and more will definitely be in the place. Also, a special celebrity guest host will be appearing as well!

Security will be strictly enforced.