Denim Diamonds: Pisces Takeover

Denim Diamonds

This Saturday, it’s going down once again at Sippers Sports Bar for Denim Diamonds: Pisces Takeover!

This is also the Rickey Smiley & Friends comedy show afterparty!

Go DJ Star will be on the 1’s and 2’s, and there will be some special guests in the house. Also, we are celebrating numerous b-days!

To get in, you must be dressed to impress and 25 years or older. It’s $10 to get in where you fit in, and security is strictly enforced!

March Madness: First Friday Edition

March Madness First Friday Edition

This Friday, it’s going down at Sippers Sports Bar! It’s a b-day celebration for Tiesha Wilson, Lynn “Newie” Byrd, Chenoicie Warren, and Eastside Cleebo!

To get in, you must be 25 and up and dressed to impress! On the 1’s and 2’s is Go DJ Star and the hosts are Frank Geezy and BJ Bell!

Get there early and party hard. Keep the fights out the club! Security is strictly enforced!

First Friday: The Election Edition

Tomorrow night, it’s going down at Sippers Sports Bar! It’s the return of First Friday, and this time it’s the election edition!

There will be special invited guests, including council candidates for the city of Monroe. Also, there will be free food while it lasts!

Go DJ Star is on the 1’s & 2’s providing the old school and new school soundtrack for the night.

Dress code is strictly enforced! Security will be in the building in full effect!

Grave Digga’s NLU Alumni v. ULM Alumni Homecoming Afterparty

This weekend will be LIVE as ULM gets ready for its Homecoming. But even more live will be the afterparty! All alumni are invited to party and it’s time to find out who’s the best version of the alumni!

Is the old-school NLU Indians alumni or the ULM Warhawks alumni? Find out on Oct. 27 at Sippers Sports Bar!

It’s all hosted by Grave Digga with Go DJ Star on the 1’s and 2’s! Dress code is strictly enforced, and NO white tees are allowed! Must be 25 and older to get in! And it’s free Digga Juice while it lasts!

Security is strictly enforced on the inside and the Monroe Police Department will be on the outside. So keep all the drama for your momma at home!